The Decade in Tory: The Sunday Times Bestseller: An Inventory of Idiocy from the Coalition to Covid

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The Decade in Tory: The Sunday Times Bestseller: An Inventory of Idiocy from the Coalition to Covid

The Decade in Tory: The Sunday Times Bestseller: An Inventory of Idiocy from the Coalition to Covid

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He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “A quarter of our school leavers at the moment leave without basic numeracy and literacy, I don’t think that is right, so we are going to increase the funding for those pupils, particularly in FE colleges so they get the extra support they need to do English and maths after GCSEs to get those grades. Mr Farage said there was a “bigger problem than young people smoking”, telling the broadcaster: “Smoking long term is bad for health. Undeniable. Drugs, short term, are catastrophic for society and young people and that wasn’t even mentioned.” Austerity cuts to the NHS, public health and social care have killed tens of thousands more people in England than expected, according to research by the University of York. The largest study of its kind found that even in just the four years after 2010, the spending squeeze was linked with 57,550 excess deaths. “This is a devastating verdict on a decade of Tory austerity in healthcare,” said Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health secretary.

Tory education cuts ‘worst since Second World War’ Tory education cuts ‘worst since Second World War’

If you want a deep dive into a decade of mismanagement, corruption, and putting self/party interest over nation, then this book is for you. Having performed 4 cowardly U-turns during her own endless leadership campaign, Truss now seems to now think was is the key to her success Once her aggressive battle against punctuation choices was out of the way Coffey – part of a govt that inherited an NHS guaranteeing 48 waiting time for GP appointments – promised a grateful public they wouldn’t wait longer than 336 hours

Noughties babies to flood unis – The baby boom of the early 2000s is about to flood UK universities and colleges with tens of thousands more school leavers a year, according to a report out today co-authored by David Willetts, the former universities minister. It means the government’s efforts to cut spending on higher education by limiting the number of young people attending will be doomed, Willetts says. The demographic increase in young people is an opportunity to reshape the British labour market towards the “high-paid sectors of the future”, he says. “Across advanced countries there’s a hunger for more education. Looking at how Britain is going to invest and pay its way in the world in the next decade, a growing higher education sector looks to be part of it.” The report was written with Maja Gustafsson for the Resolution Foundation. As pointed out by elections guru, professor Sir John Curtice, Tamworth is the safest seat lost by any governing party - ever. The prime minister, meanwhile, looked to blame "local factors" for the results, saying "mid-term elections are always difficult for incumbent governments". In the run-up to the 2010 election, this country was in a mess. GDP, both absolute and in per capita terms, had fallen in the wake of the financial crisis. Average wages, too, had taken a hit. Outside the realm of dry economic statistics, in what politicians like to refer to as the “real economy”, an unnerving number of crises were looming into view: an underfunded social care system, in which people could lose everything they had and still end up without good care in old age; a slight but definite decline in the rate of home ownership, as a growing number of people found themselves priced out; the near collapse in decent pension provision. All those things are going just swimmingly, so he’s now been made Chancellor, just in time to hit his devastating peak form

The Decade in Tory: An inventory of idiocy from the coalition

Lebedev, however, accused the Guardian of a “continuing harassment of me over the past year or so [which] has been full of untruthful innuendo and light on facts. Then he had what seemed to be a bit of a breakdown, and wrote the tweet again, this time denying any such event had ever happened The 1,373 votes it won is greater than Labour's majority, and shows the Conservative Party is losing voters to the right and to the left.So she unthinkingly announced she’d be accompanying the new (yet also very old) King on his tour of Britain Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding appeal, raising funds to fight false libel claims by TV celebrities who should know better? These court cases cost a lot of money so every penny will help ensure that wealth doesn’t beat justice. narcissistic, bullshitting nincompoop who went on Have I Got News For You and was unable to correctly answer the Telegraph readers in today’s comments section are discussing whether Rishi Sunak was right to scrap the northern leg of HS2. At the centre of this decade of disaster lies the Brexit vote, not so much the nadir as the point of inflexion at which the collapse in government competence, honesty and standards in public life abruptly accelerated. As Jones puts it

Decade in Tory by Russell Jones: Unbound Excerpt from The Decade in Tory by Russell Jones: Unbound

Now, I know that this is not the same as building a line from scratch, but it is an indication of what used to be done in this country before the dead hand of non-productive bureaucracy took hold.” Upstairs, the atmosphere in the purple lit L-shaped party room was hedonistic, those present said. And as the night went on it got increasingly uninhibited. This was in contrast to the more conventional room downstairs, where most of the politicians had gathered, they said. Later, speaking in Mid Bedfordshire, he added: "We take this incredible victory humbly. We know that voters here have voted for us and they've put their trust and their confidence in a changed Labour Party, and we will repay them for that trust and confidence." Johnson was not the only influential politician to drop into Lebedev’s opulent townhouse at 20 Park Square East for the 2017 Christmas party. The first guest of note was an ex-prime minister, Tony Blair. Blair came between 6.30pm and 7pm, before the event began, his office said. He spent 20 minutes talking to Lebedev in the Stalin room.

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And if there was anything wrong or unjust in how Jones describes his many Tory targets (over half of Tory MPs who served in the years 2010 to 2020 are named in this litany of failure) I am sure they would come out to refute his claims... The witness is not the first person to have made such a point about senior politicians and media proprietors. The 2012 Leveson inquiry found the relationship between politicians and the press over the previous three decades had damaged the perception of public affairs. It concluded that politicians of all parties had developed “too close a relationship with the press in a way which has not been in the public interest”. Everywhere, we found a sense of common belonging diminished, with fewer meeting places, playing fields sold off, museums and libraries closed. As the public realm shrank, so did social capital, found the ONS, with less trust and neighbours not talking to one another. Pub closures – premises were down from 52,500 in 2001 to 38,000 by 2020 – were another loss of sociability.

a decade of politics Boris Johnson and Evgeny Lebedev: a decade of politics

Johnson is understood to have stayed later than most. His late-night presence attests to one of the more unlikely friendships in modern British politics, which culminated over the summer in Johnson’s contentious decision to make Lebedev a member of the House of Lords. It was reported chief whip Mark Spencer spends most of his days inventing dazzlingly clever new insults for his colleagues- Recently, even here in Scotland, I've heard people espousing sympathetic views towards the Conservative government as a result of the unprecedented hurdles they faced due to Covid. However, Russell Jones' The Decade In Tory argues that Conservative rule has been a shambles since 2010, long before Covid, and really, the government didn't need the pandemic as an excuse to showcase its incompetence. It was suggested the Chief Whip might not be very good, compared to the previous occupant of the roleWhile Clarke's smooth brain was busy de-fragging, he told viewers the govt was “unapologetically pro-growth”, and then along came Kwazi Kwarteng to shrink the economy by 3% in 3 hours But Jones' book shows that - while no politician is likely to be perfect - they most definitely are not all the same. Nearly 75 years on from Nye Bevan's Manchester speech, his words ring as true as ever What is Toryism but organised spivvery? … No amount of cajolery can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party We followed the fortunes of Emma Percy, in Folkestone, Kent. With her husband, Rob, and three children, the family moved from one rented home to another, changing the children’s schools as rents rose, roofs leaked. They were sometimes living without a functioning boiler all winter long. They were the “just about managing”. Theresa May never got round to helping. Emma and Rob did all the striving and aspiring the prime minister had called for, hoping to save for a deposit, but never quite making enough. In the summer, the only holiday they could afford was camping in the grounds of the school where Rob was caretaker. Their parents own homes; they may never.

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