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Dykette: A Novel

Dykette: A Novel

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and then there’s the more broad or political use of the term, which has been something I’ve been interested in for a while, and have been learning more about in the past few years. A fascinating look at queer couples and how things like gender, sexuality, age, and even horniness can affect everything about a relationship. But the fantasy of the traditional nuclear family ultimately fails to fulfill Sasha’s most desperate desires to be seen and therefore known and loved. On her phone screen, the ribbon flashed in and out of the frame, the filter unsure how to Grinchify it.

The games these people play with each other are weird, but not impossible to imagine, until it escalates into painfully absurd territory. genuinely so refreshing to read after so many one dimensional "sapphic" rom coms that quake in their boots at the thought of having to say the word lesbian or (god forbid) having a single butch character lmfao. it does pick up significantly in the final fourth with some disturbing performance art and ensuing chaos.Sasha has the hots for Jules, a tall butch news anchor clearly inspired by Rachel Maddow, and both envies and pities Jules’s longtime partner, Miranda, for being old and boring, for having settled down in comfort and style. It was the kind of nose she’d so often wished for growing up, but she saw now that it was all wrong on her face—a snub nose made her look asshole-ish, elitist. It produced an image that was visionary rather than literal, a trancey interpretation of what “woman” might mean in a blurry sense. With propulsive plotting and sexy, wickedly entertaining prose, Jenny Fran Davis captures the vagaries of desire and the many devastating places in which we seek recognition. And when mainstream hetero culture glorifies marriage and the nuclear family, most of us tend to grow up believing that our parents, followed by our romantic partners, should be responsible for our emotional well being, our safety, our financial security — everything.

This is, truly, a victory and perhaps the most important accomplishment for a queer novel these days. All of the kitchen tools back in Jesse’s Brooklyn apartment were green: cheese grater, knife, teakettle. It has a lot to say about the generational divides, the difference between a 20-something queer person and a 40-something queer person can be ridiculously vast and Davis spends much of the novel turning this over and looking at it from angle after angle. Other reviews claiming that this oeuvre will "kill a straight person", have them "confused" or "hate this book" made me want to read it, but alas, I'm neither dead nor shocked nor raging, I'm not even properly entertained by this beach read-y lesbian relationship story.While the characters gave me less than something to like, I did find the Contemporary Queer Tableau a fascinating display of the upper echelon of dyke society. I almost DNF because it was so bizarre and arbitrary but there was just enough curiosity in me that wanted to find out what the point of all of it was. At the beginning of the book, Sasha overhears Jesse say some less-than-flattering things about her in a therapy session, right as they are about to join two other queer couples on an upstate getaway. Sasha playacts at adulthood when she tries to force her boyfriend to propose and commit to one day co-parenting children, before figuring out a little too late that that’s not the way she’ll get what she wants — if not that force isn’t exactly the best way to love someone.

Even the lane that is Dykette's birthright, that of Maggie Nelson and Michelle Tea-esque queer or queered femme writing, isn't improved by this addition to the genre. By the end of the book, I felt a few plot points hadn't led anywhere (l kept waiting for Miranda's "bad" patient to make an appearance somehow) but didn't feel that this detracted from the text overall.Soon, all the personalities are sorted out for us, but Sasha remains our lens through which all events unfold. I loved the book’s – for lack of a better term – femme dialectics, and was wondering: What does the term “femme” mean to you today?

I think the book is a rejection of the humorless, moralizing, holier than thou tone in literature that I see so much of.Vogue recently spoke to Davis about the book’s mix of clever camp and millennial ennui, taking inspiration from generations’ worth of writing about butch-femme dynamics, and the real-life trip upstate that became a creative springboard; read the full interview below. Still, Sasha, Jesse, and their friends live in the same world the rest of us do, in which marrying your partner, joining households and having a kid or two are qualifications for being officially “grown up. A modern day bourgeois comedy of manners, that follows three couples of brooklyn-dykes on a winter holiday on Long Island. In Jenny Fran Davis’s novel Dykette, protagonist Sasha guards her high-femme identity so jealously from her rival and frenemy Darcy, it feels for all the world as if a gender quota has been issued on the Hudson, New York weekend estate where they find themselves.

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